Introducing, the OG Board

The perfect wooden rolling tray for cannabis cravers everywhere! Crafted from solid hardwoods with our signature engraved design, this tray is designed to give you the perfect rolling surface. The OG cherry wooden rolling tray is the ideal accessory for rolling up your favorite herbal blend, with its sturdy construction and smooth finish. Plus, its chic design looks great on any countertop. Get your hands on the perfect rolling tray for any marijuana enthusiast today!
The OG Rolling Tray
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Listen, we know what you want because we want it too!  We love rolling, eating, and smoking herb just as much as you.
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We donate a portion of all profits to organizations dedicated to helping disabled veterans.
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Our Ganja Products

Elevate your rolling and smoking experience with these highend, handcrafted cannabis wood rolling trays, stash boxes, and more. With their luxurious wood grain finish, they are the perfect addition to your rolling ritual.
The OG Rolling Tray
Get the perfect roll with our wooden cannabis rolling trays. From the smooth finish to the convenient size, these trays make rolling a cinch.
Dora Box Stash Box
Store your cannabis in style with this stylish wooden stash box Crafted from premium wood, they’re sure to keep your items safe and secure.
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Premium Quality

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